Subhajit Shome

In the world of instant solutions and unethical means, sometimes it only takes a teacher to light the path and show the directions to the Road Less Taken. As Robert Frost says, that is the road which make all the difference. The path to dreams are never easy and the cold howling winds of resistance can suck away any remnant semblance of a soul. Prakash Sir always says one thing, believe in dreams but break it down into chunk size bites, where we can easily track the progress. If at the end of the day, we become a better version of ourself, that is our victory and the reward is the peaceful sleep. Thank You Sir for teaching subjects but more than that, teaching about life. Our generation of students need this guidance and as we celebrate our milestone, all we need to do is look back and thank the light who showed us the right road, when we never saw it ourself.


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